Q&A with @hannahsianoutfits

What influenced your decision to become a social influencer?
It kind of happened naturally as I’ve always loved fashion and expressing my creativity, Instagram was the perfect platform for me to share my passion. I enjoyed getting glammed up for nights out and I felt that getting ready was the best part of the night – choosing my outfit, accessories and how to style my hair and makeup. I started posting these looks and then gradually it turned into a hobby where I styled new outfits each week and created content specifically for Instagram.
How would you describe your personal style?
I’d say my style is quite varied, I don’t like to limit myself to one specific style. One day I can be a total tomboy/very street style and the next day I could be wearing a super girly outfit. I love strong and unusual silhouettes and enjoy exploring different fabrics – I’m loving satin at the moment.
What are your favourite labels?
Everything in my wardrobe is high-street items but I love taking inspiration from luxury labels like Giambattista Valli, their designs are very extra, fun and super girly. Then at a complete contrast and with more wearable styles I really like the Balenciaga and Off-White footwear designs.
What do you for full time work?
I work in fashion retail so I’m constantly keeping up to date with fashion trends and I love being surrounded by clothes and accessories.
5// How do you juggle social media alongside a full time job?
It’s not easy! Social media is a full time job in itself – I usually take most of my Instagram photos on the weekend then spread the posts out over the week. In the evenings throughout the week, I am able to attend blogger events while planning my post schedule, liaise with brands and plan my outfits out for the next weekend shoot. I enjoy creating content for social media and being really organised helps me maintain focus. I also like to do my ‘Top Picks’ mid-week on my Instagram highlights were I share my favourite pieces from various brands or clothing categories.
Any advice you would give to people starting social influencing?
Be genuine, if you’re passionate about the content you’re creating, it will shine through. Your feed should appear as a look book of your style. Don’t do it half-hearted – I did this for so long because I cared too much what people would think. Lastly, just be yourself, don’t try and copy anyone else. No one is you and that is your power.
What would be your dream destination?
Maldives / Bora Bora – a luxury tropical island would be the dream! I love the beach and lots of sun!
What are your go to pieces at the moment?
My go to pieces for summer are cycling shorts with an oversized tee, I think this creates the perfect ‘effortless’ vibe. I style almost everything with my white chunky trainers even a girly summer dresses. I also love accessories I think adding big gold earrings and a pair of sunglasses instantly boosts any look.
Are you a trainers or heels kinda girl?
Even though I wear trainers more often, I have to admit I am a bit of a collector when it comes to heels and they are definitely my favourite item in my wardrobe.
Who are your fave bloggers that you follow?

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